Estudios para un retrato. Exposición realizada en febrero 2017 en Madrid Art Week. Espacio Ciento y pico

Miguel Caravaca takes a journey through the study of the human figure focusing on the interpretation of the face as an inexhaustible source of expressions, emotions and states of mind. By going into detail about the faces offers a natural means of expressing the needs and conflicts of the body since the physiognomy is the mirror of the human psyche, and the face is the territory that contain the five senses that govern us. These premises are materialized through the abstract pictorial language of Caravaca, which incorporates different elements sifted by urban art and the influences of Cubism, to capture, from a contemporary mechanism where color, line and composition focus their interest . A language of its own endowed with plasticity and beauty.

Each work is a way by which the essentials of the portrayed are extracted, not only as a representative element of reality but also the materialization of the intangible. Caravaca uses his own technique by which he becomes a transmitter of sensations and completely appropriates the initial portrait of friends and family giving it a colorful and personal style, combining the domain of drawing with the deep knowledge of color, lines and stains.

The work proposed by Miguel Caravaca is built on the search for sensations, but always endowed with plasticity and harmony that seeks to ignite the spectator’s mechanism of aesthetic enjoyment, lacking of narratives or major devices, creating a gap between the sensorial perception and the universal message of beauty.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]