Newtonmania. Serie mostrada en febrero 2019 en la feria de arte “Urvanity” (Madrid) y en junio 2019 en Art Paradiso (Ibiza)

“Any photographer who says he is not a vouyer is either stupid or a liar ” Helmut Newton

The transgression against the decline of high society, the discreet charm of the voyeur and the dramatic bourgeoisie are the signs of identity of Helmut Newton, who revolutionized the world of fashion and photography through images that became icons because of their groundbreaking character. Miguel Caravaca makes these premises his own in this tribute to his admired photographer and revisits in several large paintings some of these photographs of Newton; from a very young Julia Roberts toasting with champagne, going through the famous kiss scene in a park he made for Stern magazine.

Newton loved to construct false scenes that seemed true, Caravaca gets the inspiration of them to create his work where expressionism in its purest form mixes with Pop Art, in a nod to the decades of the 70s and 80s when these iconic photographs were shot. The acrylic, the original base of his work, is enriched with references of collage, giving special attention to the typography and the lines, which along with the figures and the vibrant colors are the constants that sign Caravaca’s work.

Caravaca, with the same transgressive look invites the viewer to analyze the contemporary superficiality from an ironic but fun point of view. Pointing to stereotypes from risky aesthetic approaches, Caravaca incises on the personalities and attitudes of the people portrayed with acidity, reinterpreting scenes and ways of being, becoming masterfully, in a vouyer of our time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]