<Kilómetro Cero. Solo show at “Garage Lola” December 2020. Madrid

Kilometro Cero by Miguel Caravaca is a pictorial sample which takes as a start point our main traditions, our culture, Madrid, its “chulapas” and “chuletas”, an evening at the Ventas, the flamenco, poetry and love.

Miguel Caravaca was born in the 80’s in a centric district of Madrid. Since very little he had great interest in painting and drawing, and also in the urban culture of this city of those years. He was born in a family of professionals and lovers of bullfighting, so since very young he discovered his interest in bullfighting, flamenco and literature, which nowadays we can see on his paintings on this exhibition.

Caravaca (Madrid 1979), is an plastic artist who normally works with acrylic on cavas, on which he adds different textures with the enamel, tempera markers or even oil sticks. He has always been influenced by cubism, pop art, street art and expressionism, but always looking back at the classical paintings.

The artist’s work is built from the search of sensations, that pretend to turn on the viewer a mechanism of aesthetic enjoyment creating a gap between the sensorial perception and the universal message of beauty.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]