The Cryptopelas. Solo exhibition shown in Madrid and Marbella in 2021

Cryptopelas is the first hybrid exhibition in the world in which digital works and analog pieces that belong to the same series are shown, and coexist in the same space made by a single artist.

The series makes reference to the old collectibles combining NFT’s with canvases. The digital works have been painted by the artist starting from a blank digital document, these digital works coexist in the same space with the canvases that are part of the same series.

From these digital pieces Caravaca arises the need to go back to the origins by converting to the analog format. The result is 10 canvases of size 100×100 cm in which he revisits his own universe of characters, adapting them to the format of the old postage stamps or collectible cards.

These series are born as a collaboration in between Miguel Caravaca and IWC Schaffhausen,

the Swiss haute horlogerie house for which the artist is an ambassador.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]